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scared of love [Nov. 13th, 2004|04:55 pm]
sometimes i wonder how this could be right
laying in bed so alone at night
wondering about whats going on
if youll be there or if youll be gone
i want to wait for you and you for me
but sometimes i wonder if it will ever be
i wish i could come home and not have to wait
but somehow i think this is our fate
to wait for a love we just found
when it has always been around
im so scared of losing this
im so worried about our last kiss
could this be fake or is it real
i wonder if this is how you feel
sometimes i sit and ask myself why
why i sit as time goes by
i wish i could express my fear inside
but im afraid the words have died
i dont think you could ever see
how much you really mean to me
but in the end will it be true
the love between me and you
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sparkles [Jan. 11th, 2003|07:27 am]
i cant believe you cant feel it
the love glowing inside of me
the sparkle in my watering eyes
that flow out so freely
past this broken heart
i step into the knee deep puddles
and drown in my own love
wishing for your love and cuddles
why are you so beautiful to me
after this pain im going through
i still feel the sparkles inside
everytime i look at you
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Acid Burns [Nov. 4th, 2002|06:45 pm]
Cold tears
Hot skin
Awakening demons
Deep within
Tears fall
Like acid burns
Always breaking
But never learns
Giving love
Torn apart
Slowly dying
My bleeding heart
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Voices [Oct. 29th, 2002|03:10 am]
cries for help
seep through the broken walls
haunted tears
bleed out my eyes
as i hear the fading calls
help us
help me
the words sink in my mind
burning flesh
of innocense
as i leave this world behind
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Highway [Oct. 28th, 2002|05:27 pm]
i can feel it inside me
crawling through my veins
trembling towards my heart
i scream of pain and pleasure
as the blood washes away
with the pounding of the rain
i breathed in the poison air
and felt the tickle of the blade
im so fucked
i lay down and look towards the clouds
i feel a warmth sweep across my eyes
bloody tear drops flow
i cant breathe anymore
im a lifeless corpse
on the highway of love
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Black Box [Oct. 24th, 2002|01:51 pm]
there you are
in the empty space
the black box
of life and death
half in
half out
you cant decide
do you want to step out
and live with me
or remain inside
and die for me
step out creature
greet my eyes
live life with me
be by my side
im losing you
to emptiness
come back out
i cant live without you
step out of this box
i need you
my dying soul.
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Ice Princess [Oct. 16th, 2002|01:27 pm]
Im so cold
left without you
turing blue
i cant breathe
you left me here
alone to die
my heart being frozen
i cant feel
i cant love
i cant hate
im a ice creation
of the worest desire
i am frozen
for your love
melt me
and make me yours
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rose [Oct. 3rd, 2002|09:24 am]
my lip quivers in anticipation
as the rose petal falls to the ground
i bend over and pick it up
i smell the sweet elegance of desire
slowly i glide the rose petal
across my naked heated body
so soft like those days of bliss
in which you loved this rose
now im alone in a garden of oppurtunity
yet it is the rose that we once held
in my trembling hand
a tear rolls down my eager face
i sit and i wait for you
to hold this rose once again
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Dust [Oct. 2nd, 2002|09:57 pm]
my heart is held together
with only plastic seams
in which you melt away
breaking my heart
with the heat of fire
you burn my eyes
tears roll down my face
i cry for you
to peice me back together
and at that moment
you produce more fire
and burn me into ashes
but yet i still love
and cry out to you
to help me become whole
and when i think
that you might care
you turn to a wind
and you blow my heart away
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A journal for my stories and poetry. [Oct. 2nd, 2002|11:35 am]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Heartbreak Hotel- Stych (Elvis Remix)]

I have decided to make this journal a creative writtings journal... it will be used for my stories and my poetry only. Feel free to post comments on any of my writtings, or share a few of your own....
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